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Thermal Tank

Forced Circulation - Centralized System


European standards

The thermal tank is made of different materials, whether stainless steel or steel, according to the type of the fluids used, and it is thermally coated either by using glass wool or jaggery. An internal heat exchanger can also be added to the thermal tank.
Solar Thermal tank is suitable for central water stations of all kinds and for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

The highest level is taken into account in the design of the thermal tank and in the solar thermal tank manufacturing steps. Mes as a thermal tank manufacturer reviews the tests the welding works. In addition, various hydraulic tests are performed.

Thermal tank sizes start from 1000 to 20,000 Liters. Also it can be made as per the client specification.

Thermal tank manufacturer
solar thermal storage tank
solar thermal tank
Thermal tank

Thermal Tank - Thermosiphon Solar water heater

Solar water heater manufacturing - Solar thermal storage tank


European standards

MES manufactures horizontal thermal tanks; solar water heater storage tank with different sizes such as 200, 250, 300, 500 Liters.

The solar thermal tank is manufactured according to the European standards, it is designed especially to be used for hard water in our region.

We use an enamel coating to reduce the corrosion that may occur due to the formation of water.

The solar storage tank is designed to keep the water temperature for 48 hours.

solar water heater storage tank
Thermal Tank manufacturer
solar Thermal Tank
High quality thermal tank