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Solar Water Heater Egypt

Mesalla Engineering Works was established on 2019 based on an experience over 15 years in the design, installation and maintenance of the solar energy products and solar water heater Egypt manufacturer. The company manufactures the solar water heater with European standards that suits the weather conditions.

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Solar water heater Egypt manufacturer With European Standards performance and highest quality with reasonable prices.


Accreditation of the solar water heater Egypt from the Egyptian ministry of industry.
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Solar water heater Egypt
Thermal Tanks, Solar Mounting Strucutre and Industrial Services

solar water heater Egypt

Thermosiphon solar water heater

MES Solar water heater manufacturer, thermosiphon for home use with capacity starting from 250L to 750L.

Solar water heater manufacturing for industrial use with capacit starting from 1000L.

Solar water heater Egypt grantees providing hot water all the year, electricity saving up to 80% and environmental friendly.

Capacity: 250 - 1000 LITERS

Solar water heater
Thermal tank

Insulated Thermal Tank

Thermal tank manufacturer for solar energy and industrial uses.

The Thermal tank is insulated using a polyurithane or glass wool layer, It keeps the water temperature for 48 hours.

We manufacture the thermal tank from corrosion resistant Stainless steel material.

Our thermal tank includes heat exchanger for better efficiency

200-Up Liters

Thermal Tank
solar mounting structure

Solar Mounting strucutre

Solar mounting structure manufacturer that is used for solar energy power generation and solar water heating stations.

The solar mounting structure is manufactured using galvanized steel, electrostatic or stainless steel.

It is designed according to your solar energy project, type and weight of the products used, installation method, wind speed and other factors that ensure the safety of the installation.

warranty up to 10 years

Solar Mounting Structure
Industrial service

Industrial Services

Design, manufacture and installation of thermally insulated liquid tanks, that are suitable for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Design and assembly of pipelines and special valves.

Production lines assembling for food industries.

Manufacturing some components to qquip the pharmaceutical factories, especially the stainless steel materials.

The ability to implement engineering drawings in the specified time.

Highest quality standards

Industrial Service

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Solar water heater Egypt

Hot water everday .. All the year long.

Why Mesalla Engineering Works

Solar Water Heater Manufacturer


The solar water heater Egypt is certified by the Egyptian ministry of industry & foreign Trade.


5 years on the solar tank and 10 years on the solar collector.


The solar water heater Egypt is designed according to the European standards and the weather conditions.

Excellent Service

Excellent customer serice and aftersale services.